John Beckwith


In reviewing our website I discovered that many of the newsletter links were pointing to the wrong newsletters (most were pointing to May 2019….. go figure.).  I’ve corrected that problem and all the links should be correct now.  So there are links all the way back to January 2017.

In an effort to provide the best archives - if anyone has copies of the newsletters prior to that, let me know.   I won’t necessarily post them all, but I will store them on our website - with a link on the newsletter page  to get you there (assuming you’re a member…:-).  Obviously I’m looking for the PDF files, but if you have the paper ones and want to send them to me - I’ll scan them and add them in - and send them back to you if you desire.   Let me know and thanks in advance.   (BTW - if you’re local SoCal and will be at the meeting this weekend - bring them along - paper or thumbdrive - and I’ll go from there.)

Again - all comments, corrections and suggestions for the website are welcomed and appreciated!!


John, N6JCB
MARC Secretary, Acting
Westchester, CA