MARC Christmas breakfast

John Reynolds

I have some news about our Christmas breakfast to pass on.  We will have or December meeting on 14 December at the usual place, Marie Callendars in Orange.  There will be a 50-50 but abbreviated with just a few larger gifts to give away..  We plan on having a gift exchange, each person wishing to participate should bring a gift worth $20. ( plus or minus a bit).  For the gift they will receive a ticket with the corresponding half of that ticket placed in a drawing.  At the conclusion of the meeting the tickets will be drawn for the gifts, therefore each person that brings a gift will receive one.  If you receive your gift, or wish to trade with someone else for the one they received you may trade.  There can only be three trades for any one gift so be careful. (50-50 drawing prizes will not be included in this gift exchange.)

John F. Reynolds President MARC Rialto, CA