Katella Grill

John Reynolds

I gave them a call, they do have an opening for us on Saturday morning so we will give it a try. I will go down for brunch tomorrow.

John F. Reynolds
President MARC
Rialto, CA

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Wow, didn't see that one coming. I'll check around here for suitable

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On Tue, Oct 30, 2018, 9:40 PM John Beckwith <@jbeckwit wrote:

Thanks for the update - and thanks for work on finding us a meeting place.,


On Oct 30, 2018, at 9:38 PM, John W5JFR <Johnw5jfr@...> wrote:

Hello all. Looks like we have received some bad news. John, KC6ZOZ, has
informed me that the Mimi's on Euclid, where we were meeting, has closed
for good(or bad). There are a couple of options that we are looking into
so please stand by for updates. I will send more as soon as I have a new
meeting place lined up.

John F. Reynolds
President MARC
Rialto, CA