June Newsletter and More

Michael Rickey (AF6FB)

Hello All,

You may receive this as a duplicate if you are registered on both email lists...sorry.

I'm sorry for the delay getting the June newsletter to you. I am still getting used to my responsibilities to the club.
You will find a PDF of the newsletter on the Newsletters Page on the MARC website (
Please be aware we are moving to electronic distribution of the newsletter going forward. If you need to have the newsletter mailed to you, please contact John W5JFR at johnw5jfr@... to let him know. The club will gladly send a newsletter to you in the mail, we just don't want to send as many.
We are going to be changing our mail list provider, keep you eyes open for news about this change. If you want to get a jump on the transition please use the following info:
To join the list using a web site:
To join the list by email, send email to:
The new email address for posting is:
There will be more about the new list in the August newsletter.