January 2020 Newsletter

John Beckwith


The January Newsletter is posted on the website.   Check it out.

And my apologies - Jeff sent it to me a few days ago, but I didn’t realize it was ready to go.   And, going forward, Jeff has indicated he will try to get it out by the first of the month each month (assuming I don’t hold him up again….:-)

Enjoy…..  And remember - we need your articles to make the newsletter interesting for all hands.


John, N6JCB, Secretary
Westchester, CA

Ginger White

Thank you for sending out the newsletter and the link! Since moving here to Oregon last August I sure do miss attending the meetings in person. We will be careful to place that 2022 anniversary meeting on our calendar.

My wishes sent out to Billy as he recovers from his fall.

I would like to reach out to Tim Lindstrom. At some point this year I will be traveling to Rochester, MN, to Mayo Clinic, for about 4-5 days, and would enjoy a meetup! While I probably will not have any ham gear with me, you just never know. On my way home last October, I met and spoke with AL7FS, from Alaska, in the airport, who graciously showed me his traveling rig. He and his wife were returning to AK after 16 weeks on the road.

Ginger White