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Ginger White

Please see the entire post below. Keep your eyes/ears peeled for this stolen equipment. Thank you.

Ginger White 

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Subject: [CVARCDiscussion] LAFD-ACS Burglary at North Valley Station [2 Attachments]

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Please keep an eye out for this equipment.

It is likely the thieves are not Hams, and will try to sell for quick cash






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From: Jonathan Zimmerman
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Subject: [LAFD-ACS] Burglary at North Valley Station


September 14th, Saturday morning, we heard from the Station Captain at FS 77 that the gate to NV Station was open.  He sent Rescue 77 over and they discovered that North Valley Station radio room had been burglarized and he called us. The LAPD, who arrived shortly thereafter, took a police report #191613942.  I also contacted the ACS Command Staff and they informed OVB Assistant Chief Rose and BC12 Ward, who arrived to see the damage.

The radios were ripped out of their brackets and some of the new shelving was smashed.  Grafitti was left on the wall.  The Astron power supply was dumped on the floor and may have been damaged.


The approximate value of the stolen equipment is $7,500.  The damage to the door and shelving is approximately $1,500.  As we go through the inventory and clean up the room we may discover that other items are missing.



Kenwood TS-2000X, HF-V-U-1.2, $1300, S/n 30500002
Kenwood TM-281A, VHF, $140, Mobile, S/n B5C01052
Kenwood TM-281A ,VHF, $140, Mobile, S/n B5C01125
Kenwood TM-331A, 220 MHz, $240, Mobile
Kenwood TM-431A, UHF, $240, Mobile
Motorola XTL5000 800 MHz $5,000 LAFD Dept. Radio
Hygain Rotor Controller, $350
Alpha Delta Delta -4-B, $110, 4 position Coax Switch
Kenwood (5) KES-5 $250 Speakers
Kenwood MC-60 $160 Desk Microphone n/a

Kenwood HS-5 $80 Headphone n/a


Please help us keep an eye out for this equipment.  If you belong to other Amateur Radio groups, please forward this information to them.

A .pdf of the stolen equipment list is attached to this email.


Jonathan Zimmerman




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