Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club - From the President�s De sk (2019-Feb) #web

Timothy Lindstrom

CQ CQ Seasoned Greetings from the buried Tundra! Our deck is about 2 feet off the dirt... and the snow banks are above or it looks like we have a sunken deck.
I have ridden every month from  Februaryof 2014 to January of 2019... This month has too much snow. However the sunshine is melting snow due to the angle of the sun. 
I lost the address for the dues... I NEED to pay! 
BMW mileage contest results for 2018 .. 11,200+ miles in 7 months.   
tim, ab0ts
columbia heights, mn
100,000 BMW Prayer Miles by Timothy Lindstrom, 

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From the President’s Desk (2019-Feb)

By af6fb

It’s February 2019. Now I have to learn to use 2019 for the date. With the start of winter just a few days ago, it seems that most of the USA has been quite cold, if not covered with ice and snow, both not very conducive to a motorcycle ride. Even Tim, AB0TS, in the … Continue reading From the President’s Desk (2019-Feb)