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My ham radio experience is frankly limited, my first experience was a high school friend who broke both knees in an industrial accident and turned to hamming for social contact. I got into it for Emergency Preparedness (EP) and as a conversation-starter for that topic.

My overall background – I grew up in Glens Falls, New York; participated in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explorers; spent almost twenty years in the Active Army (1976-1986) and Army Reserve (2005-2015) as a supply sergeant and senior logistics non-commissioned officer; and twenty or so years in the IT industry, working for Boeing, Netflix, Read-Rite, Seagate, and US West Wireless (now CenturyLink). I am a member of both the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. I am also a motorcyclist (2006 BMW K1200R), married, and own a GSD.

Living on the Hayward fault as most of us do, I became concerned about the lack of intent to prepare by the city of San Leandro; in trying to get more people involved, I met Judi Clark and Stephen Carbonaro; figured out that a ham license would be a useful tool, and took the ham-cram and passed the FCC exam at the 2015 Pacificon.

I am a full-time student at CSU Hayward/East Bay, finishing my Business Administration degree with the Operations and Supply Chain Management option, hoping to graduate in the Summer of 2020. After graduating, I intend to get a job with FEMA.

While engaged at CSU, I am starting a Club for students, faculty, and staff focused on EP, with focus on ham radio and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). I am also trying to develop a CSU certificate program for EP utilizing the various departments on campus and trying to resuscitate the San Leandro Radio Club, W6ZB, first established in 1974. I am accepting all offers of help in this last issue.