Re: new radio, VR-N7500 review

John Kristian W6JMK

I find the stock Bluetooth antenna inside the VR-N7500 works acceptably when the radio is mounted inside an aluminum box, behind the saddle of my motorcycle. I can control it with my Android phone. The VGC PTT button works well, strapped to the left hand grip. I can use the VGC speaker/mic or my Sena 50S headset, up to about 10 feet from the radio. Beyond that distance, the received audio is distorted in a digital way. The PTT, headset and speaker/mic are paired to the radio, so they all work with my phone powered off.
The box is Hammond model 1550WN. It has an EVA foam gasket between the box and lid. A mobile VHF/UHF antenna is attached to the box on an NMO mount. 12V power runs into the box through a plastic cable gland.

On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 10:39 AM, Mikko Sannala, AB6RF wrote:
My radio is inside a metal box, so I had to add the external BT antenna.

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