Re: new radio, VR-N7500 review

John Beckwith

What’s funny is - I had to do that with my old Mac Pro (the big tower).   In a distinct lack of planning on Apple’s part - the Bluetooth antenna was mounted at the bottom of the case - under the motherboard, under the power supply, under the hard drives, under the DVD drives.  Under everything but the bottom of the case.  (I suppose they might have thought it would catch on the carpet if they put it down there….. Very considerate….:-))

Good luck - let us know.

John, N6JCB
Westchester, CA

On Jul 10, 2020, at 2:33 PM, John Kristian W6JMK <jmkristian@...> wrote:

I'm going to try a low profile, watertight Bluetooth antenna.

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