Re: new radio, VR-N7500 review

Mikko Sannala, AB6RF

Hi John,

You have seen my setup from the "external view".
My radio is inside a metal box, so I had to add the external BT antenna.
The antenna itself is just a generic 2.4GHz stubbie with male SMA connector.


I added an external SMA connector to the rig, and ran a mini coax to the point where the internal antenna connects to the BT module.

The internal antenna is just a meandering copper trace etched directly to the front panel circuit board.
The circuit board itself doubles as the front panel, there is no separate metal or plastic front face, just a plastic sticker covering the PCB.

(ballpoint pen for a size reference)

Yes, adding the external antenna connection requires cutting and soldering into the front panel PCB.

One more picture of the mess before if went into the enclosure.

Mikko, AB6RF

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