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Thanks, Tim. I really appreciate the advice.

I've already joined up with the wsbmwrg, which is the bmwmoa and bmwra chapter club for Washington State. They just purchased a wifi-enabled GS-911 diagnostic tool for the club, so hopefully I'll be covered when the time comes. 

For now, I'm going to be enjoying my break-in rides. 

On Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 3:41 AM Timothy Lindstrom <ab0tstim@...> wrote:
I have had BMW motorcycles since  1984.  From the R75/3 to now I have the R1150RT and the K1200RS.  There is one more accessory that you may need.  Code Reader.  I ordered one due to messing with the Throttle Positioning Sensor on the RT... 
With your new steed and all the electronics on these new beemers.. either find someone who has the code reader or buy it. 
2015 I was at the Billings, Montana rally... A rider was planing to head home on Sunday morning.. his RT would not start.. so he headed to the u haul dealer and got a van... however another rider asked if he could check the broken RT... Found a fault code... erased it off the computer... The fellow returned the uhaul van back and rode home... 
Are you a member of the BMW MOA? 
Yep, I buy older ones and try to ride them over the 100,000 mile odometer.  the e book listed in my name I did that in 5 years. on a BMW K1100RS. 
take care! 
100,000 BMW Prayer Miles by Timothy Lindstrom, 

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