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Chris Hoffman - N6QR

Thanks for this great review, Mark.

A few follow-on questions:
- What has been your experience with tuning the radio while underway? 
- Is it possible for the hand mic and the headset to both be connected at the same time? 
- Will the radio continue to operate without the phone being joined to it at that moment?


On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 11:30 PM Mark Kanzler via <> wrote:
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I bought the VERO N7500 dual band mobile radio and was testing in at my house first on my power supply as a base station, then moved it to my Harley in place of my Icom IC2730.  After a weeks worth of riding with it, I can honestly say it is perhaps the most simple radio to instal on a motorcycle. It really only needs to connections, power and the antenna. You do not have to run a cable to the front of the bike if you don't want to because there is no "head" to mount up there.  This radio is capable of using only your cell phone as the interface between you and the radio.  I use an Android phone, a Google Pixel3.  The Android phones have the most features to use with this radio.  Iphone will work, but is much more limited right now.  Maybe there will come a better app for Ios, but it does work with the existing app at the App Store.
I bought the radio, and the Bluetooth PTT button, and the Bluetooth speaker mic. And I am using the Sena 20S headset.  My Icom IC2730 has the bluetooth board added to it and works with the Sena20S very well.  The connection has been stable and seems to work every time turn them on. However, the audio reports have not always been great.  There seems to be a slight amount of distortion or delay with the Icom. So I unplugged the Icom and plugged in the N7500 to the existing power (Andersons and 12 ga wire directly to the battery) and the antenna, Comet SBB5 5/8 wave on my luggage rack using one of the MARC antenna mounts and a Diamond SO239 mount and thin cable leading to the radio. I paired my Sena to the radio no problem as the 2nd phone, and paired the PTT button no problem. The radio has good audio, plenty of volume to drive the Sena unit, and is clean with no static or ignition noise. My transmit audio is also very good, much clearer than using the Icom IC2730 from various reports by friends that have heard me from before. The reports have been the Sena sounds as good as the wired Mic that comes with the radio. My only problem is to remember to not speak too loudly when riding (a natural tendency).
Now for the really good part.  The programming is very easy, and your phone will run an app that has all the information for the radio.  Yes, you have to put in the TX and RX frequency, it does not do the offset for you.  But you can have several Regions or groups, with 16 channels in each region.  And all 16 are displayed on one screen, so you can easily pick the channel you want. They have made sense of the programming on this radio.  Power, squelch,mic gain, remote mic gain,and much more. Whats more, you can have several devices with the app on them and can use any of them to control this radio.  However, only one at a time, and you have to turn off the BT to change to the other device.  I did all the programming on my Sansung Galaxzy TAb 4 which is about 5 years old and used the keyboard to do the typing.  Very easy and BIG!!  The saved the programming to the radio.  When I later connected my phone tot he radio (paired), and went into the progamming , it allowed me to bring the same progamming in that was on my tablet, although I did have to re-name the Regions, as it just numbered them 1, 2, 3,etc.

And, you do not have to have a Sena or Cardo, or even a mic to use your radio.  Just use your phone.  Turn on the audio, and use the on screen PTT.  And the audio is very good, as good as the mic by my reports.

There is a Facebook group (public) that I have posted to, and go to almost daily, as new things are being published daily.  Great people that really help.  I made a couple of audio clips so you can hear the mic and the Sena quality.

VERO VR-N7500 groups.  Take a look, you will see videos, PDF's on set up, and how to use the APRS that is built into this radio!!  I am still learning that.



Mark Kanzler, Ham on a Hog KE6ZRP , 2016 Harley Davidson Electra Glide

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